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Our Mission

To bring awareness to our Latin American culture that all state of personal and global well-being is proportional to the level of consciousness in each of us.

This mission allows us to live life with an objective, a divine purpose that makes us feel accomplished and joyful.


When we understand this reality, we perceive and accept that there is an organizing intelligence that is always present to synchronize our consciousness development with everyday life events or experiences that stimulate our individual development. This is done with the sole purpose of achieving awareness of our personal objective; because, even though we might believe it or not, we all have an objective:

An objective that makes us unique

and that lets everything work out.

To accept that this individuality has a function with the whole sets us apart from the ego. It is the ego that shows us a fake “me”, which separates us from the “you” and makes it impossible for us to perceive, recognize or even imagine the unity or the whole. It makes us a prisoner of polarity in order to exclude our opposites, and with this exclusion we fall into a lack or need. When we have these shortages we’re neither whole nor capable of living our personal mission. Thus – given that we’re not complete and in every decision and action we have mistakes that show us day to day how incomplete we truly are – we fall into this routine in which covering our needs becomes the main objective; and thus we forget about our personal mission.


It’s here when the being stops living in the spirit and embarks in a series of psychic conflicts that generate altered and distorted images of ourselves, and everything around us. What they do is alter or interrupt the flow of our vital energy. These energetic interruptions alter or change our vibrating frequency and personal electromagnetic field, generating obvious manifestations on the physical body as an alarm or warning voice to the being. These physical manifestations (disease/sickness) are just notices of the existent conflicts (physical discomfort, ailment) in the condition of the being. This condition of the being keeps us in a constant condition of physical discomfort. This can be a temporal condition, because the connection with our source is always trying to make us understand that the ego keeps us separate from the whole.


It is our consciousness, and its development, which helps us in certain moments of life to reconnect with our source and with the whole in order to accomplish our personal mission. This reconnection and integration is generated in certain moments of our life, where a phrase, an image, an emotion, an experience, a thought, etc. can generate a change in our being. This change is the personal growth that will allow us to fulfill our personal mission. These changes are events called quantum jumps, or climax experiences; and they are very intense experiences, unexpected and benevolent because they’re always for good.

These quantum jumps are extraordinary events where the spirit, mind and body experience

a push towards a superior level of consciousness.

We all have these experiences throughout our lives, but the selfish and ambitious political, commercial and religious systems have blinded us so that we wont be able to recognize and benefit from these experiences. These are the systems that instill fear and feed the ego to keep us ignorant about our origin. Seeing as there is a universal law that says that all things are equal to their source, if our origin is God, then that makes us divine. We’re beings created by love. That love is the connection that our source maintains with us. The ego is the shadow that seeks to separate us from that love. It’s our dark side that tells us we’re not worthy of the connection with our source. It makes us unworthy of receiving, keeping and creating love. Once again, there goes a series of processes that will alter and generate spiritual shortages. The lack of love for oneself is one of the best tools this system uses to create slavery and unfair dishonest gains.


All of the above gives us the opportunity to explain the reason Conciencia y Tecnología Corp. was founded. Our reason to exist is to provide the Latin American culture of the means that will stimulate the foundation and development of our consciousness. As Latin American culture, we believe we implanted in our DNA the concept of inferiority, the not deserving, abuse because of fear and so many more obsessions. These characteristics, among many more, keep us in conditions of physical discomfort that generate common ailments throughout our people.


A lot of brilliant minds and people with certain level of awareness have taught us how to know ourselves by means of observation and thus improving our life style. Very few of us have actually learned to love ourselves. It is our love for ourselves that will bring us to awareness. It is the reason of our existence, of our mission, of our divine plan, of our capacities, of our way of achieving that plan and in recognizing who should be beside me in being Me.

 come from the same origin, the same source (God, Tao, Universe, etc.), ergo if everything comes from the same source, that same source is in me and its in all that concerns me, but it is also in you and your needs, it’s in everything, because it’s that source that everything originates from. When we understand this reality we become conscious beings and that places us in harmony to understand that we’re part of a whole and that we are all one. Nevertheless each and every one of us has a unique function, an inner calling that no one else knows or understands.

In Conciencia y Tecnología Corp. we believe that consciousness is the essence of the being, all of us have the same rights and opportunities  because we all



Our company has a purpose:

We take care to provide the necessary means to all Latin America, so that we can all develop our state of consciousness. 



For us to live in welfare, we need to cover a few aspects in the life of a human being.

Our vision is to come to be the best and biggest company in Latin America to provide the means, products and services for the development of our consciousness. Seeing that all state of personal and global well-being is proportional to the level of consciousness in each of us.



Our values show the way we handle our company and most important of all, the way we handle all that surround us. 

Quality: Commitment in taking care of every detail in all that we do.

Leadership: Having the vision of creating a better future.

Passion: Committed to what we do.

Integrity: We speak the truth and act truthfully.

The company is a means by which all those involved can accomplish and fulfill professional and personal objectives; thus, C&T Corp. is part of each of us and we are part of this corporation, because we identify ourselves with the same philosophy, and we enact it.

C&T Corp. was founded to provide well-being to those of us that are involved in this project; either as collaborators, clients and/or suppliers.







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